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Mark took what he felt was a bold step and employed a Business Coach. His main objectives in doing so were to increase his competency levels, optimise each area of his business, and give himself the privilege of working on his business instead of constantly doing the mundane daily tasks which seemed to tie him into an operational role.
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Mark discussed his experience of working with a Business Coach with his friend, Jeremy (who is also in his own business). Mark was able to highlight four key areas which had given him insights into or previously hindered him in his business operations. These areas were:

1. Creating a thinking space with opportunities

This is one of the greatest insights that he gained when he looked back at where he had come from. Mark often felt like he couldn’t “see the wood for the trees.” He had a sense of feeling almost overwhelmed by things happening to him and to his business. This upset him as he knew that there were opportunities in the market, yet these were never a focus for him as he was too busy keeping existing clients happy and performance managing his staff. Time with his business coach allowed him to stop and consider where he wanted his business to be, and to co-create that path with his Business Coach.

2. Finding time to contemplate

Mark’s Business Coach often challenged his mindset, created conversations, and asked him questions which made him see his business from an alternative point of view. The expertise and experience that Mark’s Business Coach brought to their sessions gave Mark the time to consider both himself and his vision, and to observe his business from a ‘helicopter view’ without getting caught up in the details. He found this to be beneficial although it was not always easy. He had always worked on ensuring every detail of his business was taken care of.

3. Reducing anxiety

Mark is prone to anxiety as part of who he is, his business is his livelihood, and his input is pivotal to making his business successful. Recently he had noticed that he was feeling far more in control, with reduced levels of anxiety. Something that he also noticed was that his Business Coach worked with him as an accountability partner which, although it put him under pressure, ensured that results were achieved.

He wondered if he was alone in thinking this or if Business Coaching truly is a tool to reduce work and business anxiety. What he discovered was that in a survey of 210 Business Coaching clients[i] 50% of business owners confided in their Business Coaches. He also learnt that:

– 62.4% reported smarter goals-setting,
– 60.5% said they have a more balanced life,
– 57.1% have lower stress levels,
– 52.4% have more self-confidence,
– 43.3% saw an improvement in their quality of life, and
– 25.7% saw a higher level of income.

This information correlated well with Mark’s experience, and he was astounded that he hadn’t used the services of a Business Coach sooner.

4. Increasing business clarity

Running a business demands attention in numerous directions at the same time particularly for a business owner who is looking to improve internal resources while keeping up with environmental and competitor moves. Even when Mark set aside time to work on his strategy and implementation plans, he would be disturbed with issues that were apparently vitally important and could not possibly wait. However, in his sessions with his Business Coach he was undisturbed. This time and space gave him the opportunity to gain clarity and understand his business intimately. He could identify what was truly urgent and important, and what would increase his top line. This was one of his original desired outcomes for his Business Coaching exercise, and to a large extent, it had been achieved.
Mark found that discussing this Business Coaching journey gave him a remarkable awareness of how he and his business had grown through the Business Coaching process. He was grateful for the opportunity to consider his altered perceptions, and to share them with someone in a similar position to himself, who could also benefit from using a Business Coach.
To summarize:

1. Setting time aside to think about his business was an amazing experience.
2. The time he now gave to considering his business bought on clever and effective solutions.
3. Using these clear and effective solutions he was able to implement systems and processes using a clearer methodology. He became far more comfortable with the standards at which his business was performing.
4. Taking time to contemplate forced him to move himself out of himself and see his business from a new angle.
5. Being accountable and feeling in control as a result reduced his feelings of stress and anxiety.
6. Undisturbed, focused sessions with his Business Coach enabled him to understand his business more clearly.

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