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Mark had the propensity to become ‘stuck in the details’ and lose perspective when things became stressful. He was aware that he did not perform well under pressure, and liked the phrase that his Business Coach used, emphasising that “You are a Business Owner, not a Fireman!”

Although he could understand this expression, it was a very different story to implement this. Particularly when there were many demands on him, Mark didn’t know which way to turn and tended to do as much as he possibly could to resolve each problem. Often leaving things half done or doing a sloppy job.

He approached his Business Coach for guidance since he felt like he wasn’t coping. The previous year had been particularly stressful, he had a cash crunch and year-end was looming with no cash for suppliers nor December salaries. He needed to see his way through serious problems.

His coach would need to provide him with a facilitated-thinking approach to dig himself out of this crisis.

Mark’s business coach asked him whether his main function is to work on his business or in his business.
This is something that Mark had never seriously considered. He experienced a significant ‘ah ha!’ moment.


It was as if the penny finally dropped.

It was impossible for him to simply drop all his responsibilities and daily tasks. However, he reached the insight that his main role was to work on his business so that the systems, processes, and human resources functioned efficiently. This way, he could grow and lead his company in the direction that he really wanted to.

While contemplating his new way of thinking, Mark came across the SA Business Coaches’ blog from September 2021 on Key Success in Business→

Reading this blog, Mark realised that there are 5 keys to success in business, all of which are possible to implement with the right frame of mind.

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