Dr Allan Fromme said that people have been known to achieve more as a result of working with others than against them. This is the most logical and obvious statement. It does, however, lead me to question whether Dr Allan Fromme actually ran a business where he had to work with others!

We live in a culture where teamwork is not only respected, it is considered to be a cornerstone of running a successful business. For most business owners, employees are specifically employed and positioned based on their levels of competence. The purpose of having staff is to reduce your stress levels and improve company performance.

When this is not the case, inefficient performance or counter-productive work behaviour will be a trigger point of frustration, and sometimes obsession. Effective staff can be the element you need to surge ahead. Conversely, when those who you depend on avoid responsibility, you may find yourself juggling roles which you should not be doing.

Be aware of the impact that others have on you, and always take proactive action when the roles that others should be performing ignite a trigger in you!

“Working with people who cause your stomach to churn seems much like marrying for money – probably a bad idea under any circumstances, but absolute madness if you are already rich.”

Warren Buffet