There are times in life when you suddenly just know that you need to make a change. The rhythms of nature, your stage of life, circumstances, and yes, the calendar all influence your internal world of decision making.

We’ve reached the end of not just a year, but a decade. What a perfect time to re-create yourself and launch your new career. Sometimes we need to completely shift our focus and shake up our stable lives to move ourselves to where we need to be.

“Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over.”
Guy Finley

The change you choose to make starts with the unequivocal decision to stop doing what you’ve always been doing, which hasn’t worked for you. This is matched with the action of starting to do what you’ve always felt is right for you.

A new beginning is an adventure, and with that comes difficulties and emotions and excitement. Now is the time to leap off the starting point and form the habits that will lead you into this new decade and your new career. The timing is perfect. The opportunity is the one you choose to take. Your chance is now.