Coaches are notorious for struggling with either admin or marketing, or both. Although some of us have been able to run online sessions and adapt to the situation, many of us used the time to rearrange our business strategy, catch up on admin, and did very little coaching.

The return to society is an adjustment, which provides an enormous opportunity for Business Coaches. How do business owners and employees pick up the pieces of their lives and careers after this challenging time? The normality that we return to will be a different one to the routine that we closed our doors to.

By nature, people resist change. The best way to maintain a sense of control and positivity is by making use of a Business Coach to guide the businessperson through the new challenges and prospects that our new world will provide.

People will need support, they will need guidance, and they will need new goals. The future does exist, it will just be a different future to the one we may have envisaged at the beginning of the year. For many businesses this provides a challenge and the need for a new strategy with actions to rebuild the employees, the business and the company’s vision.

What a great opportunity for a Business Coach!