When you embark on a career of Business Coaching there is undoubtedly the element of coaching being the framework as your foundation for success. The critical issue though, is that you didn’t sign up just for a coaching course, you chose to go into Business Coaching, and there is a significant difference between this and personal coaching.

Admittedly, often in Business Coaching you are coaching the individual who will implement and use themselves as a tool to create change and development in their business. Therefore, although you are practicing Business Coaching, you are engaged with a human being. As people, although there is a strong emphasis on separating business from personal issues, this is often more difficult than it sounds. It is for this reason that you have coaching as a foundation.

So, sometimes you may put on a different hat and do some personal coaching. The average professional Business Coach is far more likely to draw boundaries around their scope of practice and clarify what their role is, and the roles and responsibilities of the coachee. This includes knowing that even though you are working with an individual who needs coaching, the reason why this person embarked on their coaching journey was to enhance their business.

Business coaching has a myriad of business concepts, structures and business practices that are essential to guide your coachee through their various business issues. This is why the businessperson sitting in front of you chose you as a coach. Therefore, as a Business Coach, the original business outcome for the coaching assignment must remain in sight at all times, regardless of additional factors which may present during the coaching sessions.