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The image of an isolated paddle boat bouncing through the choppy ocean is the cliché of the
business owner or entrepreneur guiding his or her own business. No one with whom to plan ideas;
no one else who really cares about the business; and no guarantee of a positive outcome of any
decision that is made.

Being a Business Coach carries a lot more responsibility than just hand holding: It is in the reflection
and decision-making processes that the real expertise is required. The equilibrium between
maintaining support without giving advice is a challenge to even the most seasoned Business Coach.
You care but you cannot become too involved or care too deeply.

Coaching an entrepreneur or business owner requires a unique mindset because the advantage of
being able to make decisions is a double-edged sword. The real time impact of the coaching session
can be both thrilling and terrifying. Coaching the decision making of the business means that there is
no theoretical roleplay of how things will turn out. When awareness is achieved, the verdict is
announced, and actions sequenced.

A picture creates an impression, and the perception of loneliness is sad. Business Coaches are
trained to understand that solitude, the self-questioning and the sense of adventure. It’s amazing
how much sturdier the boat becomes with a navigator on board! Someone to point out the storm
clouds, or the shark fin, or even the calm in the waters ahead.

That is the role of the Business Coach: to be an extra set of eyes, ears, and thoughts, all for the
benefit of the business.