Albert Einstein said that all that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual. For those who have embarked or concluded Business Coach training, you have a nature which seeks personal development and you seize the opportunities presented to you.

Every interaction with a client, or a colleague, provides you with a chance to enhance your own skills and approach, as well as having the possibility to impact on someone else. Isn’t that what business coaching is all about? The unique prospect of unlimited growth and a lifetime of seeing problems as progress.

When you embark on personal development, you engage in introspection and personal growth. The chances of failure are high because any form of development takes you towards something new and unknown, and within that resides significant risks, yet the reward is valuable.

It has been said that all situations provide opportunities for development. As a Business Coach this becomes more tangible and accessible. Seize the occasions that present themselves. The growth will be gradual, and unless you have a specific ‘ah-ha’ moment, you may not realise how much you learn. Development is when you know you are better than you were, and that is all that matters.