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It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together – (Unknown) Coaching, like teaching and nursing, is a calling, not a job. It is a vocation that so many of us are not only drawn to, but many of us feel that coaching choses us. There was just something that made people talk to you, confide in you, and appreciate your insights.

As the year draws to an end it becomes natural to contemplate your achievements, disappointments and plans that you devised for the year that has passed. It is a deeply personal and meaningful process to meditate and muse on your career. Coaching is a gift that touches each coachee’s life and business and it is with this as a foundation that coaching as a career both has meaning and gives meaning.

This personal musing gives you your personal reflective space that you provide for others, so you can evaluate your competencies and how you have developed over the year gone by. It is also a time to contemplate the lives that you have touched and the impact that you have had on others.

Taking cognisance of the year that draws to a close gives you the gift that you give to others in each coaching session:

Ask yourself what have you done? What would you like to have done? And what would you have done differently?

We hope that when you pause and ruminate on your year that you achieved what you set out to, in the way that worked best for you, and that you have far more moments of pride than regret.