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We encourage our clients to trust us. In fact, we do not only encourage it, we deliberately build trust, using our Building the Foundation competencies. We proactively ensure that the individual/s sitting in front of us knows that they are in a safe space and they can be vulnerable without judgment or negative consequences. We use that self-exposure to then help them achieve their desired outcomes.

Ironically, we tend to be much harder on ourselves. We are often critical of our own performance or use of techniques, either whether we know how well the session went or not, or if our client does not progress. Firstly, we need to remember that we cannot and should not be pushing the coachee to achieve their goals, that is not our responsibility. If a session feels difficult, it may not be up to you to remedy that.

Secondly, and most importantly, we all have bad sessions, bad days, or uncoachable clients. We are human and what is difficult for you, may not be difficult for me. The ability to talk about this is both cathartic and valuable. When I learn how someone else dealt with the same situation, or how another coach struggled with a similar scenario it opens up the possibilities of how to do better next time, and how to accept that we will all endure difficult sessions. This does not rate our performance as a coach, how we manage these develops our skills as a coach.