South Africa’s woman entrepreneurs have been hard hit in the last few years to the point that, in South Africa, we call it the ‘she-cession‘ – a play on the word: recession.

South Africa boasts exceptional women entrepreneurs who are already playing a critical role in jump-starting the economy and getting the country’s food security, job creation and financial stability back on track after a tumultuous year.

More women-run businesses will be the tonic South Africa desperately needs because greater economic participation by women stimulates economies, reduces poverty, and creates jobs.

Quite simply, female entrepreneurs are vital to the future of business in this country, and they must be supported in their endeavours for the good of all South Africans.

To find out more about the importance of the female entrepreneur, read the article on The ‘She-cession’: Women entrepreneurs are key to South Africa’s socioeconomic recovery by Kirsten Smit.

What does this mean for Women in Business?

The opportunities are immense. More and more industries and markets – previously considered for as male-dominated – are being explored and enhanced by female entrepreneurs. Yet, for business coaching to be most effective for a female entrepreneur, we need to acknowledge that, in general, women differ from men in business.

Women tend to function and value different things to men – and this gives them a competitive advantage in the workplace. However, there is still an existing unspoken way of how women are perceived in business circles – as this is still one of many female entrepreneurs’ greatest challenges.

Female Entrepreneurs

Female Entrepreneurs


Why Women Entrepreneurs can Benefit from Business Coaching

Everyone can benefit from business coaching, however, considering the gender bias that exists in many business circles, the competencies and experience of a business coach can only assist that.

Access to finance, networking, and lack of education and training, have been cited by Sage as being amongst the greatest obstacles to women in business. The professional business coach can engage with women using a business mindset, enhanced by business coaching frameworks and methodologies, to give women entrepreneurs the skills and confidence required to succeed in what is still predominantly a man’s world.


If you are a woman entrepreneur running her own business, seeking someone with experience, skills, and the ability to help you take your business to the next levels, contact a professionally qualified Business Coach at SA Business Coaches.