Communication at work

Communication has been cited as the biggest problem in South African companies. But surely the smaller the company, the easier the communication? It would make sense that since we all talk to each other daily, that we would know how to communicate, but this is rarely the case.

Here is how the problem starts: the entrepreneur knows what  she or he is doing and what they want to do. Their plan is so exciting and obvious to them that they cannot understand why everyone else is not on board.

The blatant gap is that no one else, or just a limited group of people, are actually told what is going on, or consulted with. The problems start to surface when the staff keep on doing whatever they always done, not knowing the goal posts have moved.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of an entrepreneur is their tendency to change direction with the market. As their focus changes, so does their action plan, and so too everyone else’s key performance areas.

Communication is not simply about telling others what is on your mind. It is a cognitive and emotional process in which one person is present in another’s world during the process of the discussion. 

Active listening and constructive feedback ensure that another person’s perspective enhances yours, moving an organisation forward like one smooth coordinated organism. By communicating with staff, the entrepreneur not only shares his or her dream, but the staff become part of the dream, and the entrepreneur gains the advantage of the staff’s thoughts and perspectives.

Talk is not cheap, it is highly valuable and incredibly effective.

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