Being within that sacred, confidential space with business owners and executives has allowed me to continue learning from other people.

As much as one might think that business coaching flows in a one-way direction, there’s so much that I soak up and add to my own knowledge. From learning about managerial styles, personalities and interpersonal chemistry within teams, each session brings about new insights that often challenge me to expand my own thinking.

However, the greatest reward is when I’m told that the experience of being coached has positively influenced them to the extent where they feel that they want to do the same for others.

This makes me extraordinarily proud. Not of myself, but rather that the methodology I’ve co-developed continues to ring true around understanding various competencies. Even to the point where it has piqued their curiosity about how it works, and how they can encourage others along a similar journey.

With that in mind, I’ve taken over 45 business leaders through an intensive (and sometimes gruelling) 5-month programme on becoming a qualified business coach. I’ve invited each of them to meld their own business experience and unique abilities with a set of techniques I’ve handcrafted over 20 years.

And something seems to have done the trick. Not only have most of our coaches turned it into a new income stream for themselves, but a real passion. I have no doubt they will continue to accomplish great things for others – the true essence of business coaching.