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There’s an amazing thing about human potential, and that is that when we are stretched, we achieve.

On 6 May 1954 Roger Bannister made history by running a mile in just under 4 minutes.

This made international news and Bannister was an international sensation! However, this great achievement was dulled as his record was beaten 46 days later.

How is this conceivable? It was an impossible human achievement, and now 2 humans had done it! Fast forward 70 years, and, to date, over 500 American men have broken the 4 minute mile (and that includes 21 men in 2018)!

So what’s the lesson? Often when standards are set, they seem unreachable. Until someone reaches them. Then they are perfectly attainable, we just need to work to get there.

The principle carries through our lives, and so too in the SA Business Coaches created coursework that is designed to comply and prepare participants with the ICR coaches CPD requirements and standards. We align with the code of conduct, and procedural requirements that make a professional coach a true professional. By so doing, SA Business Coaches ensures that optimal performance is achieved and maintained, and that our Business Coaches have been trained, like athletes, through the development process of our course.

Becoming a Business Coach is like running the 4 minute mile: The standards are high, there are a limited number of people who can withstand the requirements, and once you know it’s possible – you can do it!

You just need to put your mind to it.