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To be competent, you must possess and activate all five areas of competence. This, in itself, is an ability and a skill. At an executive level, being competent is assumed. However, competence is not a stagnant state of being, it is a dynamic process through which you continually grow, and your standards of competence are constantly redefined.

It is because of this ongoing development that you need to refine your levels of competence. This entails considering each one of the five areas and taking deliberate actions to improve your performance. Refining competence is not a single shift in what you do, it is a commitment to continual improvement, and personal and professional expansion.

It is a mindset of incessant introspection of your current levels of competence, and then the honest self-assessment which provides your insight into how you can improve on each area. The action plan will differ per person, yet the principle remains the same:

Current Levels Future Requirements Action Plan Milestones and Timeline Measurable Results

Self-knowledge and the desire to improve only becomes a reality when you implement an action plan. Working your plan is a competence in itself, and sometimes that too needs refining!