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With ease we refer to others and seeing ‘incompetent’. Being incompetent is not an insult, in fact, if the underlying ability to perform the task exists, the person is really just not yet competent.

The most critical element of competence is knowing what it is that you need to be competent to do.

We can each be competent in a myriad of fields. At an Executive level within the C-Suite, although there is a definite set of competencies that need to be in place to rise to that position, in some responsibilities, it is probable that not all 5 areas of competence (Behaviour, Experience, Ability, Knowledge, and Skills) will be present. It is here where the definition between competence and not yet competent arises – we are all competent in something, it just may not be in the right thing at the right time.

In an Executive environment, when you are not yet competent, you either upskill yourself quickly, or you are able to delegate work to others who are competent where you are not.

Once we know what it is to be competent, and how to craft that competence, the concept of refining competence emerges.

Refining is to enhance and polish. When you are already competent you may be good enough. Yet, refinement considers how you can continue to improve.

Albert Einstein said that ”Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”

This is exactly what competence refined is… it ensures our competence to perform the task that we are required to do, and then makes us do it better than we thought we could!

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