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“My business coach has given me a lot of succinct points about my brand and my operations that I never thought of.”                                                                                                      Jean Ginzburg

Business Owner, Mark, shares the following thoughts on speaking to a business coach:

“When I first heard of using a business coach, my immediate reaction was that no-one could know my business better than I know it. I’d spent 12 years running the business and believed I was more than competent at what I was doing. However, when I was completely honest with myself, I did feel that it would be good to engage with someone about the challenges I regularly faced. As a business owner, I always have numerous balls to juggle and fires to extinguish. 

I had learnt how to handle situations because they kept cropping up. Yet, I realised that often the outcomes weren’t always that satisfactory and I seemed to keep making the same mistakes and landing up with the same headaches time and again.

After a particularly trying period at work, I addressed the thoughts that were preventing me from employing a business coach and decided it was time to work with one. I took the leap of faith, and I haven’t looked back. Speaking to a business coach opened my eyes to a whole new approach. Not only has business coaching taught me to become more competent by optimising the operations in my business it has also given me the breathing space to work on my business instead of always working in my business.

speaking to a business coach

Removing that monkey on your shoulder

I realised that my business is an integral part of who I am, and I am an integral part of the business.

The business competencies that my business coach brought to me enabled me to analyse financial reports, which I had previously considered to be purely the responsibility of my accountant. The understanding that I developed from coaching allowed me to make strategic decisions based on gross profit, net profit, compliance regulations, and income and cash flow statements.

My business coach guided me to use this information as a compass to keep me on the path to success.”

How does one know which Business Coach to choose?

Engaging with a coach who can provide the competencies best suited to you can be a difficult decision. Individual business owners have different requirements but there are certain needs which rate higher than others. When asked what qualifications would assist business owners the most, business coaches ranked the following as being the most important[i]:

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Most people also look for a coach who can communicate well, is honest and open and who is, above all, committed to seeing you succeed.

Working with a Business Coach

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“I’ve always believed that the best investment you can make is an investment in yourself. Business coaches are a great accountability partner to help ensure you’re learning, growing, and evolving.”

 Brittany Hodak.

If you are looking to boost how much you know about your business, contact a professionally qualified Business Coach at SA Business Coaches: Click here