Who’s training to become business coaches?

What is the mark of a successful profession?

People will always get sick, so there is a constant need for medical doctors;

People will always experience hunger, so farmers and food producers will feel the demand;

People will always yearn for knowledge, and so teachers maintain their position in society.

Business coaching has evolved into a reputable profession whose credibility compares well to most other established professions. The reason for this lies not purely in the service that business coaching provides, but rather in the calibre of person who propagates the profession and provides the service.

The boom in this profession is remarkable, as Forbes cites that 1 out of 6 Entrepreneurs are turning to business coaches to become more professionally capable[i].

SA Business Coaches has watched the quality of applications, for those who want to train to become business coaches, progress over the past few years. Those who train to become business coaches tend to hold professional qualifications which enhance their Business Coaching offering.

We train accountants, engineers, financial advisors, lawyers, consultants and other business owners, who have heightened senses of self-awareness, become ‘qualified-to-business’ coach. Their professional experience facilitates them in building authentic relationships, while being able to communicate honestly and share their insights.

The professional background we see being used as a foundation for business coach training, augments those who train to become business coaches. Delegates build on their assertiveness to hold others accountable, their maturity to encourage their clients, and their emotional intelligence to endure the demands of the business coach training course so that they graduate as reputable Business Coaches.

Business Coach training either propels them or cements their credibility in the professional sector of the economy, providing a needed service that yields positive results.

It is the calibre of the individual being trained, combined with the standards of the training course, that establishes a successful profession called Business Coaching.

[1] Prince, R.A. (2018) Why Business Coaching is Booming. Leadership Strategy. Forbes