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So many of us feel that we have only ourselves to depend on when we want to achieve. Asking for help or even knowing who to ask can be a daunting and difficult process. In most circumstances there are others who aid and support us, sometimes without us even realising it.

Becoming a Business Coach is a journey that requires commitment and dedication. It is also a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from excitement to feeling overwhelmed; from knowing what to do next to feeling completely confused; from feeling extremely incompetent to being fully competence.
Knowing that this is a process means that each person needs someone to help. Here are 5 people who can help you become an effective Business Coach:


A Business Coach Trainer

The first person who you need to engage with is someone who can help you develop your competencies and grow you into a Business Coach. This person or organisation needs to have expertise in business, coaching, and the business coaching environment. Through this professional training you will receive a recognised Business Coaching Accreditation that will open doors to your Business Coaching Career.

The best and most reputable Business Coach Training in South Africa (and probably the world) is SA Business Coaches.

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To find out more about Business Coach training, click here.


Someone who Supports You

Social support not only makes you feel good, but it also provides you with a buffer against life’s hardships.
When you have people who believe in you and your ability, it somehow makes you believe more in yourself. We often degrade ourselves and our potential, yet when those who know us (warts and all) and still maintain that we can do things when we question our ability, we often feel a sudden surge of confidence.
When looking to become and effective Business Coach, there will be times when you question yourself and whether you are on the right path or not. It is at times like this that your social support, or that particular person ,who believes in you becomes so critically important to augment your success.
Try not to downplay the value of social support. Take a moment to read this article on how social support enhances your psychological well being.

Someone who Plays Devil’s Advocate with You


Devils Advocate

When we speak about making a success of ourselves, it seems ridiculous to engage with someone who challenges your thoughts. The main reasons why a devil’s advocate is so beneficial include:

  • You may develop tunnel vision and not see beyond what your own perspective.
  • You may not question your own beliefs.
  • You may need someone to challenge your expectations so that if things do not work out the way you planned, so you are prepared.
  • You may need to see a different scenario to the one you have held onto.

All these factors may blur your concept of what is and what is not realistic. Having someone who shows you the other side of the coin in an invaluable asset to becoming an effective Business Coach.


• Who needs to be committed to this process?
• Who needs to have the self-discipline to get through the training?
• Who needs to have the passion to propel your business forward?
• Who will benefit most from this path?

This is your ambition! This is what you want from your life!
You are the tool who you will use when you are working as a Business Coach.
You are the tool you will be using to get yourself through this process.
You are what is needed to become an effective business coach!

A Business Coach

Becoming an Effective Business Coach is not a project that ends at a certain time. Once your training and development starts to conclude, you need to contemplate how you will be an effective business coach. This means that you need to ponder things such as:

– Who will be your clients?
– How will you give value to your clients?
– Where will you work?
– How much time do you want to spend working?
– How will you get clients?

To answer all of these and many many more questions, you will require the assistance of a professional Business Coach.
Only a professional Business Coach will be able to guide you through the process of setting up your Business Coaching Practice, whether it is internal to assist in your company, or an external practice serving the public. It is particularly useful to discuss your ideas with someone in a completely non-judgemental space.

To find yourself a professional Business Coach, click here to begin your journey: