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Framework and Methodology

As a highly structured and systematic person, Thulani was drawn to the strong grounded framework and methodologies which underpin the SA Business Coaches Business Coaching.

In Business Coaching the framework provides a secure structure. With this in place, Thulani was able to navigate the areas that would be of value to his clients, focusing on their desired and measurable outcomes.

Contained by the framework he would then work with methodologies, including which techniques, procedures, and activities enhance the coaching session. The framework and methodologies ensure that a meaningful Business Coaching session is run within a supportive context, guiding how the methodologies should be used best.

Thulani found a study which examined frameworks and methodologies within the Business Coaching environment which he thought would be applicable to his work. The model appeared as follows:

Figure 1: The effects of coaching in employees and organizational performance: The Spanish casei

With this as an overview of the framework of Business Coaching within an organisation, considering the Antecedents , Process and Outcomes derived from behavioural change, Thulani then found another study which presented a framework using systems and structures, communication, culture, and leadership to hold the development spurred by Business Coaching. The model appeared as follows:

Figure 2: Coaching process within an evaluative inquiry framework. Adapted from Preskill and Torres (1999b)ii

These models provided Thulani with a tangible view of how the framework of Business Coaching holds the Business Coaching assignment together, while the methodologies enable the coach and coachee to work towards the well-formed outcome serving the purpose of the Business Coaching intervention.

Thulani enjoyed the concept of using a framework and methodology both as a Business Coach in coaching sessions, as well as for his own personal development. He found a blog by SA Business Coaches which would assist him in developing his own professional framework: Getting Smarter as a Business Coach→

To learn more about becoming a qualified business coach see SA Business Coaches’ take a look at SA Business Coaches: Become a Business Coach→

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