Continual learning is a proactive method of growing your knowledge and applying new skills. Getting smarter is about making yourself better all the time. It’s about uplifting your standards and your skills, so that your performance glows and makes you a better Business Coach.

10 Ways to get smarter as a Business Coach:

  1. Practice being Present.
    • Be fully engaged in the coaching session: limit your internal chatter or wandering mind.
  2. Read.
    • Take time every day to develop your coaching knowledge base. Be discerning in what you choose to learn.
  3. Change your Approach.
    • Practice new techniques and methodologies so that you learn new styles of working.
  4. Track what works.
    • Keep a record of your successes so that you can build on them and expand your business coaching toolkit.
  5. Revise your Fundamental Knowledge.
    • Return to your original sources of information and re-embed your frameworks and methodologies.
  6. Branch out Beyond your Comfort Zone.
    • Spend time and engage with other Business Coaches who have walked a different path to you, to gain an insight into their philosophies. Practice your new learnings.
  7. Keep an Open Mind.
    • In Business Coaching, you do not judge or take a narrow approach to your client, yet sometimes we limit our own perspectives. Be aware of the possibility of you doing this.
  8. Do not avoid your Blind spots.
    • Without compromising a forward focus, acknowledge your growth areas, and create a development plan for the areas that matter.
  9. Self-Care.
    • Look after yourself personally: Eat healthily, do exercise, sleep well, and limit toxic substances.
  10. Your Mental-Health.
    • Take ‘me time’. Spend some quiet time every day, meditating or reflecting on your life, your own path, and your current situation.

You don’t get smarter by just wishing you were. You get smarter by practicing the above 10 steps. Continual change needs to be a habit that is practiced daily.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

Charles Darwin

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