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Becoming a coach is a career decision that most people will deliberate about and take time to consider. Through this process, you will start to look at coaching qualifications which suit your needs. How do you possibly assess and then choose the right qualification?

What you Need

Taking a glance from the opposite side, when you look at coaching qualifications, many consider what the qualification will enable us to do. However, becoming a coach is an amazingly personal process, and part of the decision resides on what you will get from participating in the coaching program.

Business Coaching Certifications

Business Coaching Certifications are completely different to life coaching certifications. Business coaching is not about making the business owner feel ‘better’ about her\his capabilities or feeling enthusiastic that she\he can make their business work. Business coaching is about putting business into the coaching arena alongside humanistic psychology. Such business coaching competence ensures that the business owner as well as all aspects of their company are considered and functioning at optimal capacity to ensure that the business does the best it can.

Choosing your Business Coaching Training Provider is a choice of company who aligns with your values, beliefs and commitment to building a serious career for yourself.


Why Become Certified?

Certification is a passport that says you are credible. In Business Coaching, your certification is second only to your coaching competencies. Becoming a certified Business Coach gives you the licence to change people’s lives.

Why SA Business Coaches?

When selecting your Business Coaching Training Provider challenge the provider with questions, ask for references, look for success stories, uncover the downsides, and ensure that the decision you make is the right one for yourself, your career, and your future clients.

SA Business Coaches is the top-rated Business Coaching Certified Training who is registered with:

  • Coaches and Mentors of South Africa
  • Internationally Accredited with ICR which is ISO 17024 compliant

SA Business Coaches is the only Business Coaching Training Provider in South Africa who has these credentials. It’s not surprising that it is the top Business coaching certification in South Africa.

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