There’s an interesting custom in our society. We tell people that we are fine. We try to cover our weaknesses, and we conduct ourselves as though we have everything under control. We’re not saying that you should walk around howling in agony about your business dilemmas, but sometimes the self-acknowledgement of an issue makes resolving the issue easier. Especially when others have been there before.

So, being able to admit that there is a problem becomes the first step in solving the problem. In business, having difficulties is completely normal. In fact, a business that goes through a stage of not having problems is only going through a stage, and some sort of complexity usually arises.

Although it is easier for some of us than others to discuss our problems, the following steps should aid you in working through your business issues with your Business Coach:

  1. Define the problem that the business is facing
    • Even if the specifics are unknown
  2. Identify who will be working with this problem
    • This assists in taking ownership
  3. Explain why those people are the people who are dealing with the problem
    • This is because sometimes the resolvers are not actually the people who are dealing with the problem
  4. Describe the ultimate outcome
    • Even if this would never be possible, it puts a stake in the ground of what to reach for
  5. Brainstorm freely
    • Many business owners are so focused on what won’t work that thy do not allow themselves to just put all options on the table where one thought sparks the next
  6. Stop talking
    • Take in all that has been said, and all the options that have been laid out.
    • Let yourself think
  7. With careful consideration, and using your Business Coach as a sounding board and a devil’s advocate, choose the best path to reach as close to your ultimate solution as possible.

Talking to someone may not provide you with the perfect solution, but expressing your problem and allowing yourself the safe space to speak about it brings a clarity and focus to your mind, that few of us can achieve on our own.