We all have concepts of varying professions and how they relate to the economy. Business Coaching is one of those professional titles that we all use, yet each person’s understanding differs depending on our context.

A Business Coach is someone who coaches people to get results within their business.


With an explanation like that, every business would employ a Business Coach!

Realistically, there are still many questions and misunderstood aspects about Business Coaching. It makes perfect sense that some of the business industry may be confused about who to choose and what value they can add. This can only be augmented by the range of Business Coaching institutions all offering guaranteed solutions.


Business Coaching

The model of having a coach in your business started sometime in the 1970’s. The concept of coaching had already been in existence for 100 years, growing from the sporting arena to tutoring at Harvard, until coaching became a common term in all sectors.

Once businesses’ saw the benefit of having a business coach, the industry grew exponentially. The graph below shows how an increasing number of businesses have seen the benefits of having a Business Coach:

Market Size

The full Industry Statistics and Market Research report on Business Coaching published in July 2021 can be seen here.


Defining a Business Coach

A Business Coach is a professional who has a certified qualification which includes both coaching competencies and business experience. The Business Coach makes use of this range of expertise to give you the confidence, sounding board, and inner trust to grow or stabilise your businesses.

Having a Business Coach is like having a partner in your business who has your best interest at heart. This partner has the business experience and expertise to enable you to see both the helicopter view of your broader vision and strategy, and then bring you down to the tasks and responsibilities required to achieve that vision.

Wealth Potential

The diagram above gives you an indication of what a Business Coach really does. This was taken from here.

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Engaging with a Business Coach

The main competency that a Business Coach works with is defined goals with an implementable road map.

Once you know what a Business Coach is, you can breathe easier with a partner in your times of stress and frustration; you can identify solutions, and you can accelerate your business growth because you took the time to find out what a Business Coach really is!

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