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We’ve spoken about competence based on the 5 areas defined in Dr Elana Siew’s book Competence Refined, available on Amazon Kindle. To refresh your memory, the five components of competence are:

  • Behaviour
  • Experience
  • Ability
  • Knowledge
  • Skills

Competence stands on each of these five segments with multiple complexities. When you look at each area, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you competent to coach a professional in whatever capacity they practice?
  • Are you competent in business to understand your coachee’s concerns or aspirations?
  • Are you able to combine your business competence with your coaching competence to be an effective Business Coach?
  • Since common literature maintains that you do not need to be a subject matter expert (SME) to coach, are you competent to disprove this misnomer to your coaches, demonstrating that your subject matter expertise adds significant value to their business coaching sessions?
  • Do you know when it would be appropriate to use the various components of business in which you are competent, in a business coaching session?

Adding some challenges to your answers above, is how you measure you own competencies. By whose standards are you competent?

One of the greatest competencies in business coaching is asking powerful questions.

Sometimes building your own business coaching competence requires that you ask yourself those difficult questions so that you continually build your professional competence.

To make yourself the most competent business coach you can be, click here to build your business coaching competence.