Being assigned a coach from your business might make you feel that you are not doing your work as well as you thought or that you are missing certain skills. It may shift your views if you consider yourself as someone being developed for a greater purpose or as someone being set up for success. However, if you consider your situation, you are the tool that makes your business or department function. To work at their most optimal level, all people need continual development and coaching. Corporate coaching is exactly that: It is improving the skills and competencies in a key person to ensure the business runs at its utmost capacity for an undefinable duration of time.

How to Choose your Corporate Coach:

When you start to search through a plethora of possible coaches, the decision to choose one can be overwhelming. Therefore, you need to establish certain criteria to ensure that you get the best corporate coach fit for your needs.

Here are some tips to consider in your search:

  1. Consider the competencies that you require from your coach and define how you will measure these.
  2. What background and experience from your coach will add the most value to your coaching sessions.
  3. Find out the coach’s reputation and previous success record with clients.
  4. Think about your strengths and then look for a coach who will compliment these by bringing opposite strengths to your sessions.
  5. Ensure that your coach has integrity, and has your best interests at heart, without any ulterior motive.
  6. Make sure that your coach will bring out the best from you.
  7. It is important that you feel a connection or some chemistry with your coach and feel comfortable showing your vulnerability.
  8. What tools or framework does your coach uses to measure your development and progress throughout the process.
  9. The coach must be flexible enough to change directions if and when necessary to give you the best chance for success.
  10. How will the coach hold you accountable so that the coaching process is effective.

Finding the best fit for you is not simply a matter of completing a checklist. It is a process, and sometimes it entails sifting your way through several people before you find the RIGHT coach for YOU.

It is better to rather spend some time upfront to find the right person who will help you being the best that you can, in the osition that you want to be in.

Do not accept any coach because you think they all do the same thing. They don’t!

At SA Business Coaches, we have a database of coaches who have been through our rigorous training program. We will help you find the right coach for your needs.

To find a business coach that is best suited to you, contact a professionally qualified Business Coach at SA Business Coaches.