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“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”

Stephen Covey

We all talk about creating a work-life balance, yet the reality is that most of us are not incapable of achieving a balance in our lives, we just don’t know how to create the mind space to achieve it. Creating any form of balance, eating, exercising, work, socialising, is all about how we choose to think about it, and then determining how much it matters to us.

Creating a work-life balance is about using your mind space correctly


How do you achieve the Work-Life Balance?

Creating a balance is ensuring that there are equal segments which weigh the right proportions so that your life does not topple over. It sounds like a juggling act, doesn’t it?

Well, in fact, it is.

Your work life balance is not about moving blocks around to make them look right, it’s about contemplating what is of meaning and allocating the right proportion of time and energy to that aspect of your life.

When we speak about balance, we give the impression that all the blocks are the same size. This is where wheels of life and value questionnaires come into place. The work-life balance is more about what adds value to your life, than about having an equal amount of everything in your life.

Not all parts of your life are equally important to you – and that’s okay

How do you create your own work-life balance?

You do what makes you happy.

Yes, we all have responsibilities and commitments that we are bound to. Yet, how caught up we become in those obligations is completely within our control.

We have the power to empower ourselves to accept the assets and liabilities which jigsaw together in our daily life. It is only we who can retract ourselves from becoming our job and allow ourselves to be human at the same time.

Work-Life balance is one of the most difficult  aspects for most people to master in their lives. Ironically, as masters of our own time, it would be thought that this would happen naturally. Yet, we struggle between what we want, what we need, and what we think we should need.

Working with OUR priorities: The elements that make us happy and our lives worth living, is the only measurement of personal success: A balanced life by our own definition.

You need to determine what is important in your life and how you want to live your life, that is the only cornerstone to establishing balance.


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