The decision to hire a business coach is often only taken when someone needs assistance. The truth is we could all use some form of guidance sometimes. The advantages of hiring a business coach almost always outweigh the cost of doing it alone.

The greatest benefit to having a business coach is that you have a partner who is committed to your development and ultimately your success. It is rare to find someone who stands in your corner, gives you unwavering support and does not judge your vulnerabilities. When you find such a person, the outcomes can only be of a higher standard than any work achieved completely on your own.

Here are 6 advantages to hiring a business coach:

  • Maximises your potential
    All of us have strengths and areas of development, and even when we know what these are, it is not always obvious how to maximise your assets in the best possible way, or how to overcome the areas that you struggle with. An expert who is well versed in your capabilities and professional possibilities, enables you to optimise your potential, making your vision an achievable and realistic target.

  • Keeps you focussed
    It’s easy to tell others to keep focused, however, when you are juggling numerous responsibilities and team members asking for direction, it can be extremely difficult to maintain your priorities. This is where your business coach can help you determine what to focus on and what will really make a difference to you and your business. Your business coach is the person who continually reminds you what “distractions” (or unnecessary tasks) to ignore, so that you can keep sight of what is really important and where you can make the most positive impact.

  • Challenges you
    Many of us are able to set goals that we want to achieve, yet few of us are able to really set our sights on stretch goals. These may scare us because of the possibility of failure which in turn will threaten our sense of self-worth, effectiveness and ultimately can have a negative impact on our ego.However, when we have someone who champions our success, understands who we are and has faith in what we can achieve, the positive effects kick in and we too, start to believe that we can achieve things that previously seemed unattainable.

  • Keeps you accountable
    Human behaviour is intriguing. It is hard to hold ourselves accountable even on the things that matter to us. When you have someone else to whom you are answerable to, it is easier to reach your milestones. The results of your actions become more meaningful.Accountability means taking ownership of your tasks and moving them toward your goals. Your business coach keeps you accountable even when your own will power is failing.

    Own Your Mistakes.
    Change Your Behaviours.
    Keep it Moving

  • Gives you a broader perspective
    Personality determines whether you prefer to consider the big picture or delve into the details. Regardless of your preference, all aspects of business require both skills. Even those who like to take a helicopter view fall into the trap of dealing with pressing issues which may not be the most important issues. Having a broader perspective entails considering factors beyond the current situation. This is one of the greatest gifts that a business coach can give you – look past where you currently are and consider where you could be.

  • Ensures that you win
    A business coach will also help you balance priorities and deal with the easy everyday tasks. Having small wins helps confidence and pushes you towards accomplishing more challenging tasks in a positive manner. We call these easy wins the ‘low hanging fruit’. These easy tasks require little effort but can positively impact your self-confidence. When there are a myriad of tasks to accomplish, it can be overwhelming. Taking a step back to see how to capture quick wins that motivate you towards long-term success.

Hiring a business coach is not just an insurance policy for your business. It is an investment in yourself and your people, helping to ensure that you all receive the support and guidance, to be a high performance team.

To understand more about what business coaching offers and to book a coach for your organisation, contact SA Business Coaches to find a coach that suits your requirements and needs.