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When you are in an Executive position or any part of the C-Suite, it can be assumed that you have a level of competence to have been promoted and grown to that level. Competence, however, has numerous aspects to it. Amongst them are the ability to demonstrate your competence at the right time, and the necessity to be seen as being competent.

As an Executive you are in show business. People are watching you and your standards of work at all times. The decisions that you make impact on others, and sometimes those choices are disappointing or frustrating for those affected. This puts you into the limelight. Management is not a popularity contest, yet at the same point, you need to appear to know what you are doing.

The knowledge, skills and abilities within your domain will be solid and unquestioned. It is likely that you have learnt to adapt from your experiences to eradicate mistakes or improve systems, processes or performance to ensure a forward movement in your department. It is the demonstration of behaviour that ensures that your levels of competency are seen, acknowledged and refined to the level that your behaviour goes unquestioned and remains respected.