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“Leadership is the ability to get extraordinary achievement from ordinary people”

Brian Tracy

There was a time when leadership ability was measured by the way the leader functioned in a crisis, reached financial goals, or established a solid business. Today, leadership ability is seen in the way the followers respond to leadership.

The empowerment of others is the most essential capability that a leader can have. To lead is to be seen, and when the leader embodies communal values of integrity, insight and empathy, those who are following feel a sense of oneness and include themselves in the journey that they are being taken on.

As the leader continues to learn, so he or she encourages problem solving and open discussions. It takes a special human being to have foresight and vision, and still involve others to reach consensus. The ability to inspire others to dream and build themselves is a unique competence which cements the leader as not only being a motivator changing the lives of others, but also as the person who impacts on individual energy in the most unique way.

“Remember the difference between a boss and a leader;

a boss says “Go!”

a leader says “Let’s go!”

E.M. Kelly