The funny thing about analysing the careers of most successful people is the diversity of their backgrounds, their approaches and their choices. Psychologists have never been truly able to formulate a blueprint for success. But, do you know what they have been able to discover? Every successful person interviewed has admitted to setting goals for who they want to be and how they planned to get there.

Success is not an accident. Status is carefully crafted through building an image of how you want others to see you. Credibility is formed through creating trust and building respect for your levels of competency. How you want to be seen reflects how you see yourself. The image that is displayed externally reflects your internal thoughts, feelings, and self-concept.

The greatest way to build yourself into who you want to be is to make yourself valuable. The manner in which you portray yourself needs to resonate with who you want to be. Making yourself who you want to be starts with your thoughts and is carried through with actions. When you feel proud of yourself, you know that you have reached the point of where you should be.

Who do you want to be this decade?