To lead is to motivate and inspire others towards achieving a common goal.

The art of instilling passion with a sense of urgency in another person, is a gift that cannot really be developed. It is the most defining of all leadership behaviours. Although the environment determines the most effective and appropriate leadership behaviour, we are still able to identify those actions which tend to guide teams to achieve results.

The 10 most impactful leadership behaviours in the executive space are:

  1. Ethics and Integrity

To be grounded in not only a moral and honest application to all actions, also, to breed a culture of doing the right thing.

  1. Energy

The display of personal energy and vigour in moving projects forward and adapting to change and to infect others with that energy.

  1. Solution Orientation

The sense of calm in challenging and stressful moments so that the best option is considered, and implementation is successful. Problem solving does not eradicate problems, it presents opportunities.

  1. Decisions

Calculated risks are contemplated so that the decisions made are both impactful and propel the business forward. The decisions that are made ensure that the work that is done is the work that matters.

  1. Results Focus

To be goal oriented ensures that the action plan is implemented. To be results focused ensures that the desired results are achieved, and the method to get there is less critical.

  1. Trust

Having personal integrity is one thing, being able to demonstrate ethics when under pressure while doing what you said you would do, is how a leader creates trust between him or herself and their team.

  1. Team Mentality

By using coaching methodologies in an environment of trust and compassion, results are still the primary reason for the business to exist, however, the implementation of tasks are performed with a ‘we’ rather than a ‘me’ mentality.

  1. Positive Attitude

It has been said that the right mindset is more than half the battle to achievement. Most successful leaders believe they can and that their organisations can achieve what they set out to achieve. Positivity is not being blind to reality, rather it is seeing the opportunities, celebrating the success and focusing on the good

  1. Accepting accountability

When the ego is not indulged and responsibility translates into ownership being accepted for the work performed. Consequences of the outcomes created from your work performance, or that of your team are faced and tackled openly.

  1. Passion

Vision, energy and results are meaningless without the undercurrent of passion. The hunger to achieve and to thrust the business forward comes from an indescribable emotion that facilitates the most incredible actions that make the leader’s vision a reality.

Each leader embodies his or her own characteristics, making it very difficult to categorically state which leadership behaviours will inspire a business. However, the leader who can display the behaviours that are right for his or her business and for his or her people, is the best leader that that business can have!