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The funny thing about trends is that they create the new norm. So, something that we hadn’t heard of or hadn’t come to accept yet, suddenly becomes something that everyone partakes in. Naturally.

This is certainly the case with Executive Coaching. There are few executives or C Suite professionals who operate without the guidance or sounding board of an Executive Coach. The augmented acceptance of coaching in the business world has amplified not only the use of coaches, but the variety of coaches available.

Probably the greatest attraction to being coached is the increasing number of coaches who have industry skills combined with coaching methodology. Executive Coaches ARE subject matter experts as well as professional coaches. This makes them sought after professionals, and Executive Coaches.

Combined with the increased international focus on interpersonal skills, and EQ (Certainly in the Western Business world), Executives feel the mandate to behave in a certain way, which demands them to coach, grow and have empathy for their staff. Technical skills are no longer the premium to gain access to the C Suite – human skills are.

The trend in Executive Coaching is Executive Coaching. The number of Executive who make use of a Coach increases on an international basis (ICF stats) by 6,7% annually. Those Executives who use a coach, enable themselves to focus on what matters most – being the best Executive that they can be.