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“A good tool improves the way you work.
A great tool improves the way you think.”

Jeff Dentemann

Thulani had both succeeded and failed in the launch of his Business Coaching business. He hoped that he had ‘failed forward’ – meaning that he learned from what went wrong and was able to improve his performance in the future.

His decision to become a full-time Business Coach had not been taken lightly. He had conducted research prior to starting his course, working through the course, and then engaged in honest self-reflection over this career move. His decision was made, and he was fully committed to being the best Business Coach that he could be.

The next step was to find tools to enhance his offering so his clients would receive greater value from their Business Coaching sessions. He spent some time with his SA Business Coach, Neale Roberts, who showed him the value of working with systems and processes to ensure that each coaching session was structured and followed a professional approach.

A system is the core element that you use to run your business. Then the processes are the things you do to make the system work most efficiently[i]. Therefore, each system has processes making the system effective.

A business, in and of itself, is a system, and therein are multiple systems. For example, in the Production department, there would be LEAN manufacturing processes and Standard Operating Procedures which make the system function best.

In his business coaching course, Thulani had spent a lot of time learning formalised systems and processes which would enhance his service offering.

While enjoying his journey of building his toolkit, Thulani then read another blog from SA Business Coaches on “How Technology Makes your Life Easier”, from November 2022.

It was here that he saw the value of investing in a system that is tailored to the coaching environment. One that can capture your sessions and keep a record of your outcomes and progress. The idea of working with such a system not only made Thulani feel exceptionally professional, but it also gave him peace of mind in terms of client records and the ability to refer back to the path he and his coachee had followed.

When looking more seriously at technology, Thulani saw that not only his powerful questions, but the use of professionally designed questionnaires would enhance his coaching sessions and give his coachees a greater awareness of themselves:

Figure 1: The Professional Coaching Process Explained[ii]

Thulani realised that systems, processes, and technology were not just assets, they were vital components of his coaching business. It is the tools that he used that would uplift him from being a good Business Coach to being a Great Business Coach!

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