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Why do you want to become a business coach?

In his in-depth attempt to gain a comprehensive understanding of the business coaching world, Thulani became so caught up in the details that he forgot to focus on the most important question of all:

Why did he want to become a Business Coach?


Many people have told us that they are tired of working in their current environments and they are looking for a new beginning. Some have said that they feel that they have the gift of coaching and would like to help others. Then there are those who don’t know what to do with their years of experience, and so they become a Business Coach. The reality is that Business Coaching is a profession.

In contemplating the future that Thulani had already decided he wanted, he took a step back to consider 5 reasons why he should become a Business Coach, and then 5 reasons why he shouldn’t.

His results looked like this:

5 Reasons to Become a Business Coach:

  1. To fulfill a passion

    Coaching is a calling, for those who enter the profession they will have noticed that people come to them naturally and seek a sounding board or a guide. Thulani had this passion for developing others and enjoying watching their success.

  2. To Pass on your experience

    Some people have gathered years of valuable and applicable experience. This remains untapped unless it can be shared, and someone benefits from it. Thulani had limited but diverse experience which he hoped would assist others.

  3. An Independent Career

    Although many Business Coaches work within organisations, this profession gives many a new career. Thulani was seeking a certain lifestyle and he believed that this independent career path would provide this for him.

  4. Develop networks

    Coming from a corporate environment Thulani had only worked within his department, which was almost like a silo in the business. He was eager to gain an insight into how other Business Coaches work, how business owners run their businesses, and to have the opportunity to insource and be outsourced as needed.

  5. Building relationships

    As a very social being, Thulani enjoyed interacting with others. He was aware of the client-coach boundaries; however, he was looking forward to interacting with a myriad of interesting people.

Thulani read SA Business Coaches Blog from December 2019 which spoke about creating a new career for yourself.

5 Reasons not to become a Business Coach:

  1. It means developing your own business

    Starting your own business is daunting. Although this was Thulani’s dream, he had never worked with a lawyer, or an accountant, or submitted annual financial statements. The prospect of marketing for new clients and taking the financial risk of renting offices and equipment overwhelmed him.

  2. Fear of Incompetence

    Thulani was an intelligent man, who was confident in his abilities. However, those who become Business Coaches seem to have a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience in the business world. Thulani was apprehensive of his ability to add value to others at this stage.

  3. Active Listening

    Thulani started to notice that some people bored him. This became a concern as he would have to be present and engaged in Business Coaching sessions. He could not turn off what his client was saying to engage in his own thoughts. He was concerned that this profession would bore and not stimulate him.

  4. Dependence on the Coachee

    As a self-starter who was naturally motivated, Thulani was concerned that his clients would not implement what was discussed in the sessions, resulting in his feeling frustrated and worthless. Although the coaching is about the client, and he should not take on whether or not they do what they committed to do, he knew that a passive client would be difficult for him to deal with.

  5. Is this what you want?

    This is the most important consideration of all. Is this what you want?

Thulani had spent months researching, deliberating, learning, and talking, yet at the end of all his hard work, he needed to ask himself this very simple question: Is this what I want? And many people, after learning more about Business Coaching, simply do not think that this is the right fit for them.

This decision about your profession is a personal one and should not be taken lightly. To assist you in making the right decision, let it be an educated one.

To learn more about becoming a qualified business coach see SA Business Coaches’ Coach Training page.