Achieving something good gives most of us a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. We are no longer mediocre; we are now in an elevated position above others. More importantly, we have achieved somewhat good, giving us reason to be proud.


Why get rid of good?


Good is positive. It is better than average and when we achieve a status of good, we should be satisfied. However, it is exactly this mindset that blocks good from becoming great. Therein lies the logic in the statement made by Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great, that good is the enemy of great.

This assertion refers to the comfort zone and self-satisfaction that is experienced when we are good. Therefore, we no longer strive for greatness. The principle that success denies excellence sits on the premise that it is no longer necessary to endeavour to be better. For many of us, good is good enough. It takes a shift in our mindset to say that even though we are good, we can become great!

Becoming great


Great is a combination of thoughts, attitude, and actions. The belief that we can be better than good is necessary in becoming great.

Thoughts and beliefs are wonderful, yet without action they are meaningless. Greatness is a deliberate decision made to move your company a step up from where you currently are. Analysing the external environment and seeking opportunities which match your internal resources, is a strategic act designed to identify a competitive advantage.

Internal competencies, trust, technological advances, legislative adjustments and streamlining operations are amongst the simple changes that can be taken advantage of to increase your business’s position.


Always remember that regardless of how brilliant your strategy or how available your resources, it is the people and competencies within your company who will transform you from good to great.

Becoming Great



The principle of discipline and direction permeate all aspects of becoming great. In the shift from good to great, highly focused and committed people ignite guided thoughts and actions. This is the key formula that shifts a good company to a great one.

make room for great


A comfort zone is a nice place to be, except that nothing grows there. Do not allow good to become your enemy. Greatness as an achievable objective.

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