Insights from a coach

Mark had been working with his Business Coach for a few months now. Re-contracting with him, his Business Coach reminded him of his main objectives when they started their process. These were:

  • To increase his competency levels,
  • To optimise each area of his business, and
  • Give himself the privilege of working on his business instead of in an operational role.

Mark enjoyed the process of re-contracting because it provided him with the opportunity to review his coaching canvas through a different perspective: Not only did he see where he was going, he was able to see where he had come from and why he engaged with a Business Coach in the first place.

Given this opportunity, Mark reflected on 4 of the key areas which made a significant difference to his Business Coaching experience. These 4 areas are:

  1. The effect “no judgment” had on me

    Mark had always followed his own path and work in his passion. However, he had not completed university and although this had no direct effect on his career nor his business, he still felt like an imposter who was below or underqualified when he interacted with qualified and impressive clients. For the first time since he launched his business, when having sessions with his Business Coach, Mark felt that he was not being criticised. If his Business Coach disagreed with him, the discussion was held in a constructive manner where he was able to work through his own decisions. His Business Coaching sessions provided him with a safe space in which he was able to be vulnerable. He could express his concerns or areas for development with a qualified professional who considered his actions, rather than where he came from or what he may have done incorrectly in the past. This refreshing approach gave Mark permission to delve into previously unchartered territory in his own mind, and to explore possibilities for his business that he had been too insecure to discuss.


  2. Skilled coaching of the “coach-practitioner”

    When considering which Business Coach would be the best fit for him and his business, Mark considered what criteria would be of most value. He firmly believed that he needed a Business Coach who had direct business experience and who was currently running a business. He wanted to work with someone who had experienced the elation and pains that he lived through. For Mark, this was one of the most important factors because he believed that someone who had not worked in a similar environment could not understand his daily frustrations. His coach-practitioner did not throw a whole lot of theoretical concepts at him, rather their discussions were structured around him, his business, the people both in and outside of his business, and the industry environment in which he functioned. This approach helped him practically to implement incremental changes that would advance him towards his vision.


  3. Sessions were guided by a clear methodology

    As a Business Owner, Mark had always done whatever needed to be done. His business had systems and processes in place, however, he rarely updated these or thought about the value they added to his business. When working with his Business Coach, he saw that clear frameworks and methodologies were being used. Every session was documented, his Business Coach kept him on track towards his objectives, and every aspect of his business – internal and external – was considered. He felt that each aspect of his company was being professionally examined. The clear methodology not only added credibility to his Business Coach, it gave him peace of mind that he had made the right decision in hiring this Business Coach.


  4. Considering myself the catalyst to my business’ performance

    Although he knew that he ran the business, Mark now felt empowered and accountable for his organisation’s success. Working with his employees, he was able to mutually define their responsibilities which would propel his business forward. Most interesting to him is that he had never thought about the significance of his role in the business. It was up to him to consider the external environment that would have a domino effect on his internal environment. He was able to watch his competitors’ movements, and work with his suppliers and customers to achieve results. This was all his doing. It was Mark who was the catalyst and the leader of change in his company. He was engaging, coordinating, and communicating the changes needed to satisfy all stakeholders, and this made him feel very powerful and potent to create a success.


Having thought through these areas of how his Business Coach had operated and run his sessions, Mark was immensely grateful that he had been on this journey. He felt satisfied that he had gained value from his Business Coaching process, and that he was equipped to take his business to the next level.

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